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Our Company

Back in 2008, Well prior to the Begining of Finders Keepers the Store, John Schreiber started an ebay and garage sale business from his home.  As the business slowly grew and took over his home and garage, John, saw a need for quality used furnishings in the area.  John told his wife, Noel, that he thought it was possible to make this current hobby into a full time career.  Noel and John Schreiber, then opened a small 3,000 sq ft. building on South 9th Street in Salina, KS.   John then Founded Finders Keepers and it began as a two person team. Soon after opening, they realized the customer base was growing too quickly and decided they needed help. John called on his retired father to help out part-time in the store for about 6 months.  Within a few months after that, John again hired a few more part-time helpers from the local college for deliveries.


In 2010, As the business grew so did the inventory and John knew it was time to expand the current building space.  John and Noel then purchased an 8,000 sq ft. building on Crawford Street in Salina, Kansas.  They were continuing to thrive and expand more and more as people were looking for that lost treasure. In the process they began to carry wonderfully priced New Furniture to add to their used and antique inventory to help meet the demands of customers.


In 2012, Finders Keepers currently has 4 full-time employees not including his wife.  Noel helps out with things around the store and maintains the social media pages.  Finders Keepers has again expanded to allow more online sales through ebay. The store adds new products to their inventory daily, and finds those awesome antiques so many people are searching for today.  Since our opening in 2008, Finders Keepers has added financing options for people and also found inexpensive ways to ship large and small items nation wide.  They provide other services such as moving services to local customers into a new homes or appartments, they offer appraisals, etc.  The newest addition Finders Keepers is their fully functional e-commerce website.  John and his family are continually looking for ways to expand their business and provide quality customer service to each and every individual.