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I have something to sell and/or I might need to liquidate an estate. What should I do?

When you’re ready to sell, simply call (785) 404-2323 or e-mail Customer Service. Please be prepared to give a brief description of the item(s). Don’t worry about size, type of wood, etc. We’ll ask you a series of questions about age, condition, the “look” of the item(s) and by your answers, we’ll know if it’s something we’d like to see in person.

If you have digital photos available, even better. You don’t need very detailed, close up photos, just some general photos of the various rooms or the item(s) you would like to sell is sufficient. Please include your full name, a phone number, and the address or location of the item(s) you’re selling. If sending photos, please know that if the file sizes are too big or there are too many photos in the e-mail, it may bounce back. If that happens, you might try either reducing the size of the photos or just limit it to 3 or 4 photos per e-mail. You can also consider sending the photos in a zip file. If you need some help or instructions on how to e-mail photos, give us a call. If there is just too much for you to take pictures of, then we can set up an appointment time and date to come see the item(s). If we can agree on a price we would set up a time and date to pick the item(s).


How far in advance should I call to make an appointment?

Not more than a few days. We tend to make appointments only a few days to a week in advance. Sometimes, if our schedule permits, we’ll come over the same day or the morning you call. We can always come ready to buy and can usually remove the item(s) sometimes later that day or within a day or two. Please note we will only set up appointments between the hours of 9:30am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday. We will not come out on the weekends unless cleared by the owner due to special circumstances.


Do I have to bring the item(s) to you?

You are always welcome to bring your item(s) into the store. However, if the items are larger we are happy to come to your home to pick them up. Often, while we’re at your home looking at the pieces you called us about, we may see other items of interest that you may not have even considered and we may be willing to purchase them as well. But, if you prefer to bring us one or two items, you’re more than welcome to. It’s best to call before coming in order to get an estimate. And remember, you’re always welcome to email pictures.


Do I need to quote you a price or will you make me an offer?

We recommend you give some thought to how much you’d like to get for your item(s). Think as if you were selling them in a garage sale. It’s helpful for both of us if you have a figure in mind. However, we understand that it’s sometimes difficult to know what some items are worth. We are always able to make an offer but we prefer you the seller to be ready to either accept or decline the offer we give you. If you don’t like our offer we would appreciate your feedback on what you think is an acceptable offer for your item(s). We try to avoid coming out to your home, spending time examining items, making offers and then having people tell us they’re just not sure they would like to sell or are not ready yet. If you’re only trying to get some idea of what something might be worth, you might want to consider getting an appraisal first.

What is an appraisal?

Many people innocently use the term “appraisal” incorrectly. A person may want to sell something and ask for an “appraisal” when what they really want is an estimate as to how much we would pay for the item. When we come to give you an estimate, there is no charge assuming that you are ready to sell your item. A formal appraisal is when we come to your home, examine your items, take measurements, photos, etc. and then write up a report detailing the item(s) pertinent information (age, material, type of wood, artist, etc.) along with a fair market value. When we’re doing an appraisal, we are not buying anything as this would be a conflict of interest.


Is there a fee for an appraisal?

We do charge $300/hr (one hour minimum) to do appraisals. Sometimes we must charge for mileage depending on your location. Mileage would be calculated at .75 cents per mile. If you only have one or two small items and are willing to bring them to us, we will only charge $25 per item for a verbal appraisal, assuming no further research is needed. A third option is for you to e-mail a photo of your item and we will tell you if we can appraise it based on the photo. If so, there is a $40 per item charge payable through Paypal only. However this is not a formal appraisal rather a brief sentence or two will be provided and we will give you a “best-guessed” appraisal based solely on a photo and your provided information. This type of appraisal should not be used for estates, charitable-donations or insurance purposes.


Are you also a consignment shop?

No, we only buy outright. A consignment shop will take your items and sell them for you. They do not buy the items. Once the item sells, the shop takes a commission, with the amount taken usually dependent on the value of the item and the length of time it takes to sell it. Consignment shops usually don’t take many furniture items as they have limited space.


Can I donate furniture or other items to you?

Yes but only if we are interested in it. Sometimes, people selling furniture or other collectibles believe that a tax deduction for donating the item is the amount they set which may be more than selling the item outright. Note we do work with charitable groups and can occasionally arrange a tax deductible donation for you. It’s a three-way transaction.

HOW IT WORKS: The charity has no interest in getting furniture or items what they truly want is money. If we are interested in your items and you prefer to donate them, we can obtain a receipt from the charity for you and you can determine the amount you’re comfortable with, we then take the items from you and send the organization a monitary donation. You will still get a tax deduction, the charity will get needed funds, and we will then sell the merchandise. We will not take furniture that we cannot sell.


Can I purchase your items online?

Yes, we are now a fully functional online store. Their are both new and used items so be careful when making a purchase that you know its condition.


I need to move into town or a short distance in Kansas can you help?

Yes, Finders Keepers can help you move your small apartment, large scale estate, or even help load up PODS to be shipped out of state or long distances. We recommend you give some thought as to how much you can pack up by yourself. We can help with the large furniture items and appliances or if you have items that may be loose or small and already boxed up we can haul those items as well. Understand, we are not a packing or decorating service and will place the items in a particular room for you, however we will not unpack and set the room up for you. We will do the basics to make it possible to walk around the items in each room.Example: We will put the bed, dresser, and night stands in the bedroom, dining table in dining room, etc.Our fees vary based upon the job however for small moves of a few pieces of furniture would be 100.00/hr (one hour minimum) with a box truck and two employees there is a .75 per mile fee if traveling out of town as well. Please call for estimates on a larger move or e-mail Customer Service.


Can I borrow your equipment to help me move my stuff?

Unfortunately, no. Finders Keepers is not able to loan out equipment or tools to assist with your move. This policy does not change even with a deposit. Our insurance only covers employees using our equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS.